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Re: Early JBC CD Reissues - when?

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Thu 17 Apr 1997 - 16:51:39 PDT

> I agree, with a suggestion. I perused the new additions to the audio files
> on the JBC web page last night, and they were cool, but the stuff I've never
> heard are the impossible to find vinyl and barely-released CD's;
> particularly anything singular to Big Questions. I know I've never heard
> Peter Lorre, and many of the other single-only songs.
> SO....
> Any chance of any of these making it on to the web site, in part or in full?
> Of course, I'd ADORE re-isues, especially re-issues of Big Questions,
> Hamburg, and a handfull of things I've never had, but while we're waiting,
> I'd love to be able to just here the tracks at all.

i do have a DAT at home onto which i copied a bunch of the "rare" stuff - b-side and such. i will try to get some of them online soon-ish.

> What ever happened, by the way, to the Fire re-issues?

dunno - there has been no word on this for about a year now..

> -mkg

have many people had problems listening to the AIFC format samples at: ? there has been one person so far who has reported problems. pointers to various players appreciated, as my SGI always gets it right :-)

How perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure - C. Crumb
Received on Thu Apr 17 16:51:39 1997
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