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From: Cole Coonce <>
Date: Mon 21 Apr 1997 - 16:38:38 PDT

PLEASE do not misinterpret the following passage as a dig at the efforts of David Whittemore (whose sacrifices via blood, sweat and bandwith are what makes the internet a nifty communal experience)--this is more of an essay on the frustrations of trying to access various A/V formats on the ol' triple-dub...

So pardon the tardiness of this response, but I recall our 'umble majordomo asking if everybody could access the jbc/blackeg/sumosonic sound files with nary a hassle. general my experience with A/V on the web has made me want to thump on a cowskin drum with the tusk of a rhinoceros and smear buffalo dung on the walls of my cave before I try to make my computer act like a home entertainment center again.

Unfortunately, my experience at JBC/Sumosonic Central was not atypical.

For two hours I tried to make the .aifc sound files (a somewhat arcane format) fire up, using Netscape Navigator (both 2.02 and 3.0) on a Mac PowerPC. Using the bigger hammer approach, I tried to convince NN that it wanted to interpret .aifc sound files. The only sounds coming out of my bedroom were "AAAARRRRGGHHH."

I gave up. It was back to the rhino tusk for the kid.

After a time of bangin on drums, translating "Silicon Snake Oil" into petroglyphs and consulting the shadows on the walls, I come to find out that NN doesn't want to know about .aifc files.

MS Internet Explorer 3.0, however, apparently has a player built into it that allows the squarewave-starved web surfer to hear the creations posted on the JBC site...

(Whether this works on a Mac or not, I don't know...Generally, Mac users have been getting the short end of the stick with IE...)

"From each, according to his access to the university's mainframes." "To each, according to his browser and operating system."


| Cole Coonce |
| Drag City USA |
Received on Mon Apr 21 16:38:38 1997
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