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RE: JBCaifc

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Tue 22 Apr 1997 - 16:13:12 PDT

> Cole Coonce
> PLEASE do not misinterpret the following passage as a dig at the efforts
> of David Whittemore (whose sacrifices via blood, sweat and bandwith are
> what makes the internet a nifty communal experience)--this is more of an
> essay on the frustrations of trying to access various A/V formats on the
> ol' triple-dub...

thanks cole, but back atcha - everybody: visit cole's it has a relevance to the JBC (the tune Bakersfield -v- Purity Of Tone).

> I come to find out that NN doesn't want to know about .aifc files.

i have added a link on the page which has a page of down-loadable players for UNIX/WinDOS/Mac, plus a defense notice of why I chose AIFC (it is considerably smaller than other "freeby" formats").

if anyone has an "in" at xingtech, i would GLADLY put up a streaming audio server instead. they be pricey.

new news: apparently pat is in the studio doing Sumosonic mixes this week. more as i know it.

-david Received on Tue Apr 22 16:13:12 1997

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