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Re[2]: Mini (tiny) JBC tour

From: Joe Weiland <>
Date: Thu 05 Jun 1997 - 15:47:11 PDT

     How all of this at the bottom of this note pretains I am not sure, but 
     there is some voyeuristic entertainment value....  The top bit is from 
     a friend that just called the Music hall....
     Ta. Joe.
     thought you might want to see the interest your email re: the "tiny 
     show" generated.  should be a blast.  great amer. music hall says they 
     don't post concert info or sell tickets until 4-6 weeks in advance. 
     FYI.  i'll keep bugging them.  send whittemore a note that asks them 
     to post if there are changes, people spending lots on airfare to get 
     here for the show blah blah.
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_Subject: Re: Mini (tiny) JBC tour

_Author: (Gregor Young) at INTERNET _Date: 6/5/97 1:23 PM

> (see below note)
> hey gregor,
> Did you hear about this (tiny) show? good things in small packages
> and all that rot, hey? perhaps your schedule should include a
> deductible business trip to SF (whatever it is that you do for $ i'm
> sure we can find some connection for tax purposes - although don't you
> give all your income to the gumby-ment in your fair country anyway?).

You know I probably could deduct it. I'm self employed doing photography and desktop publishing. I'd ask my accountant but he mumbles so incoherently I'd probably get the answer backwards. I use him because he's very good about finding "special" deductibles.      

I'll save my rant about our gov't for later.


> put it on your wish list. i will be inundated with other interlopers
> skulking about for tickets so if you're interested i'll grab you
> whatever you need. of course a show like this could easily be
> canceled so send pat an email ( i am still unable to do so. don't ask
> why as it will only lead to vitrolic words about our technical
> department). tell him that we are now DEPENDENT on this happening for
> the sake of the sanity of the free world.

I'm starting to really consider it. I could use a lost weekend road trip. My best friend and fellow JBC fan would probably be into it if he hadn't just gone to SF two weeks ago. If I could get the deal he got (drove to Seattle; $99 return air from there) it might just twist my rubber arm the right way.
> i would be more than willing to trade a ticket for a certain tape that
> you swore upon your mother's class ring you would be sending.

I resent that. My mother has no class... Well, she does really, but I can't resist some of those cheap laughs...chuckles...grimaces.      

  hey, i
> know beggars can't be choosy but now i actually have something to
> barter and my self esteem is much higher. imagine what would happen
> if i actually got a life...

I've done the other tapes I had to but I'm still working on yours. They'll be done soon. As for the tickets, if you notice anything about the show being confirmed or ads saying when tickets go on sale please let me know so I can hasten my decision one way or the other.      

I get the feeling they are in town for something like a wedding and thought,"why not defray some costs while we're there". Could even be David Whittemore's wedding although I think his involvement with the JBC was/is post Max.

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