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Another blown commercial opportunity...

From: Eb <>
Date: Sat 14 Jun 1997 - 17:26:17 PDT

Today I was listening to Y107, a commercial-alternative station out here in Southern California. Sort of on his own, the DJ played a novelty cover of the Beastie Boys' "Fight for Your Right" by an unsigned Texas group called the Recliners. (PRESUMABLY, not the group who backed up KD Lang...?) Sort of along the lines of Aztec Camera's "Jump," it was a campy, shuffling, lounge version that sounded INCREDIBLY like early Jazz Butcher stuff, both vocally and musically. <sigh> Jeez, the JBC couldn't done the same thing 10 years ago!

Anyone else heard this song?

Eb Received on Sat Jun 14 17:26:17 1997

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