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scandalous bohemian sex

From: <>
Date: Mon 16 Jun 1997 - 22:40:21 PDT

my latest news
couldn't be better!!!!!!!!
i have been searchin the bins for 10 years,
(since i first caught on)

for the cd scandal in bohemia/sex & travel
(i taped it from a guy i hardly knew in 1987)
and i'm beside myself to report:
i found it this past weekend
down on haight street in SF
the best $8.95 i ever spent!
i might've paid $89.95 for it!
i pitty the poor, hard-up soul who traded it in wherever you are out there my friend, may good things pass your way soon. anyone else out there been lookin for it as long?

gotta get back 2 my desert...
brian Received on Mon Jun 16 22:40:21 1997

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