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Sexy Scandal

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Tue 17 Jun 1997 - 16:39:17 PDT

>From: "Knight H. Berman, Jr." <>
>Subject: Re: scandalous bohemian sex
>At 01:40 AM 6/17/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>my latest news
>>couldn't be better!!!!!!!!
>>i have been searchin the bins for 10 years,
>>(since i first caught on)
>>for the cd scandal in bohemia/sex & travel
>>(i taped it from a guy i hardly knew in 1987)
>>and i'm beside myself to report:
>>i found it this past weekend
>>down on haight street in SF
>>the best $8.95 i ever spent!
>>i might've paid $89.95 for it!
>>i pitty the poor, hard-up soul who traded it in
>>wherever you are out there my friend, may good things pass your way soon.
>>anyone else out there been lookin for it as long?
>>gotta get back 2 my desert...

My Friend, you are the LUCKIEST man in the world! I too have a dubbed cassette of said classic (certainly the King of all Desert Island discs, the Holy Grail of coveted CDs) that I got from a friend just before Distressed Gentlefolk came out (what's that? '86 or somewhere?), and although vinyl copies were eventually obtained, no SCORE was ever had. Even last year in your beloved Haight I came up empty-handed (though I did find a cd copy of "David J on Glass") and, like you, would have happily shelled out close to 100 bucks for the gem. Not just a classic Jazz Butcher release, that disc is one of the great magical moments in musical history! Count your blessings, pack up the car and head to Vegas - good things are in your midst!

        Perhaps I'll see you at the show in September - could there be some type of meeting place for all the cyber-fans to have some drinks and say Hello?

        In the meantime, I'm popping in that cassette and stepping out to continue the search with renewed faith. Thank you, sir.

        Peaces on Ya--Knight
Received on Tue Jun 17 16:39:17 1997

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