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Sept.22nd Pat & Max concert

From: Kris Collis <>
Date: Mon 23 Jun 1997 - 21:44:48 PDT

Being poor and from Buffalo, there is no way in hell I can afford to go to San Fran for a one-off gig of the greatest 2 artists in the world. So, I imagine that this concert will be recorded in some manner & wouldn't it be nice for all of us to somehow purchase this once in a lifetime concert on cd or cassette ? Does that sound like something we would all like to here ? You betcha ! So, David, what can you do to help us Max - starved fans ? Anybody else share this opinion ? Lets here some feedback...
P.S. Does anybody else feel a tiny empty spot in their lives from not hearing Max on any albums after Distressed Gentlefolk ? Received on Mon Jun 23 21:44:48 1997

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