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From: Andreas Ott <>
Date: Thu 17 Jul 1997 - 12:50:35 PDT


ma name is Andreas and I´m reading this mailing list for some months. Now this is my first posting.

I don´t know if this is the right place and I´m sorry if not, but I´m looking for good Jazz Butcher live recordings. I can make copies of the following stuff
on DAT and analog tapes. I would prefer DAT trades. Please email me with your list if we can set up a trade. Here is my list : (I also have a lot of stuff from other bands).

And if someone knew the venue of the 26 May 92 gig please email it .


15.03.88 Osnabrück Hyde Park 82min Analog master 8.4
28.04.88 Minden Neckermanns Musikwelt In-Store Session 24min Analog master 8.3
28.04.88 Landesbergen Szenerie 88min Analog master 8.4
26.05.92 Chapel Hill, NC               91min DAT Clone from SoundboardB 9.9

Illuminate crecd 182
Waiting For The Love Bus crecd 474126 2
She´s A Yo-Yo 7-5081-2
Western Family crecd 148
Edward´s Closet crecd 078
A Scandal In Bohemia/Sex And Travel Glacd 009

We Love You 12" cre 083 t
Marnie (Miaow Mix) 12" glass 12033
Girl Go 12" cre 077 t
Hard/Grooving In The Bus Lane 12" SPV 50-1451 Spooky 12" cre 059 t
Distressed Gentlefolk LP SPV 08-1460
In Bath Of Bacon LP GlaLP 002
Fishcotheque LP RTD/CRE 10-71
New Invention 12" cre 069 t
The Human Jungle (extended) 12" Glass 12043 Cult Of The Basement LP crelp 062
Big Planet Scarey Planet RTD122/CRE018
Condition Blue LP crelp 110
Hamburg - Live 160885 SPV 08-1443
Big Questions -The Gift Of Music Volume 2 Glalp 023 Received on Thu Jul 17 12:50:35 1997

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