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From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Thu 17 Jul 1997 - 13:06:54 PDT

> I don´t know if this is the right place and I´m sorry if not,

the perfect place..

> but I´m looking
> for good Jazz Butcher live recordings. I can make copies of the following
> stuff
> on DAT and analog tapes. I would prefer DAT trades.
> Please email me with your list if we can set up a trade.

mine is at

> Here is my list : (I also have a lot of stuff from other bands).
> And if someone knew the venue of the 26 May 92 gig please email it .

cat's cradle. an incredible sounding room, now moved. shame.

> 15.03.88 Osnabrück Hyde Park 82min Analog master 8.4
> 28.04.88 Minden Neckermanns Musikwelt In-Store Session 24min Analog master
> 28.04.88 Landesbergen Szenerie 88min Analog master 8.4

i will gladly trade for all the above.

i recorded most of the 92 US tour, mixing live+board direct to DAT. my recordings were released on the "Western Family" CD, which doesn't do (some of) my original recordings justice.

> 26.05.92 Chapel Hill, NC 91min DAT Clone from SoundboardB 9.9

i wonder how you received a DAT clone, as i was the only person recording the show that evening, and i don't recall making any copies.. i may be mistaken, though.

How perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure - C. Crumb
Received on Thu Jul 17 13:06:54 1997
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