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In deep

From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Thu 17 Jul 1997 - 19:59:26 PDT

>> 15.03.88 Osnabrück Hyde Park 82min Analog master 8.4
>> 28.04.88 Minden Neckermanns Musikwelt In-Store Session 24min Analog master
>> 28.04.88 Landesbergen Szenerie 88min Analog master 8.4

You know you're getting in really deep when discussion turns to DAT boots from shows nine years ago in places that are very difficult to pronounce.

Just how far up Pat's ass are we on this journey? I'm not sure, but I know I'm a step behind the front assault team. My boots are only analog...but they're still great. Paris (92), Santa Monica (89), Chicago (92), Boston (?), Atlanta (92), Hamburg (circa Hamburg ep).

Wells: tape was made last night; will mail tomorrow if I can. Jim: take your time, it's only been a year or so...:)

Gregor Received on Thu Jul 17 19:59:26 1997

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