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Re: In deep

From: Andreas Ott <>
Date: Fri 18 Jul 1997 - 12:46:05 PDT

At 18:59 17.07.1997 -0800, you wrote:
>>> LIVE
>>> 15.03.88 Osnabrück Hyde Park 82min Analog master 8.4
>>> 28.04.88 Minden Neckermanns Musikwelt In-Store Session 24min Analog master
>>> 28.04.88 Landesbergen Szenerie 88min Analog master 8.4
>Just how far up Pat's ass are we on this journey? I'm not sure, but I know
>I'm a step behind the front assault team. My boots are only analog...

To make this clear: The above stuff is also taped analog on a Sony analog recorder.
No DAT at that time. I only wanted to trade on DAT as I copied the masters some time ago from the analog to DAT tapes and for the one who will get a DAT clone there is no more quality loss from copying. He just get the same qaulity as the analog master is...

andreas Received on Fri Jul 18 12:46:05 1997

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