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Re: Sept.22nd Pat & Max concert

From: <>
Date: Sat 19 Jul 1997 - 11:31:58 PDT

    Cripes !!

         I haven't signed on-line for months (to busy, groan), and now all this big
wonderfull news !! How much did I miss ? Am I reading this correctly ?

   Do I need to book a flight to San Fransisco ?    

    Is it really PAT & MAX EIDER together again doing Butcher toon's on September
22nd of this year ? Yes, no ? Just Pat ? Tell me ! I have to start calling for
inexpensive flights & start calling old friends to see if any of them live near San
Fran. so I can crash with them !    

   Say it's so !! Received on Sat Jul 19 11:31:58 1997

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