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Date: Fri 25 Jul 1997 - 13:14:28 PDT

Actually, I found the JBC-LIST at You're right, it is one of the swiftest sites.

I have been very active in keeping up with the local Chicago scene. After living in a few towns now, (and buying WAY too many records) I think I can honestly say I have not found a town with a more exciting scene. A lot of it might be considered a little brainy, as far as your average pop/rock listener might go, but the music is intense, beautiful and often inventive and original. If you pick up a disc by TORTOISE, you will be on your way. (It's sort of an ongoing side project for a bunch of guys involved in approx. 20 bands across the midwest-- kind of a chance for them to get together and not be sidemen for once).

Also of note, I'm going to catch the upcoming Spiritualized show at the DOUBLE DOOR. I'm hoping to ride the coattails of my magazine friends and sit in on their interview with him as photographer.

That's sort of a loaded question, so I will confine my answer to JBC records. I must say that I've always been much more possessive about the later period material by the conspiracy. Not to say I don't like the glass records material (I very much do), but as with surprisingly few bands, the JVC always seemed to apply the sum total of what they had learned along the way to make a better record the next time. At this time, I would have to stick by Condition Blue, with tough competition from Love Bus and Illuminate.

I know it said not to ask, but somewhere on the vast amount of links on the adjective site I could have sworn reading about a re- issue of back catalogue material. I was just hoping for a confirmation or denial of this statement. I would not be so bold as to break that treaty otherwise.

AMSedivy Received on Fri Jul 25 13:14:28 1997

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