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From: Daniel Albright <>
Date: Wed 30 Jul 1997 - 08:17:12 PDT

>Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 07:33:40 -0400
>Subject: T-Shirts
>From: (Kris A Collis)
>Speaking of T-shirts, I have an old, tattered JB T-shirt (the one with
>the giant pig on the back of it and Scandal in Bohemia album cover on the
>front) and I REALLY want another new one as this one is a bit faded (and
>stinky) from overuse. Does anybody know where you can get this T-shirt or
>is it even made still ? Has anybody made their own (silkscreen) ? Are
>there any more T-shirts that I don't know about ?

Perhaps the Sept. 22 show would be a good time to haul out a t-shirt idea. Say something with the cover of the 'Draining the Glass' picture of Max, a vintage Pat picture (pre-wookie hairdo), and for old times sake, Jackie Chan in a referee costume. Those of us who can't make it would certainly fork over funds for a bootleg and t-shirt package to ease our pain. Nigel Tuffnel says, "...and it makes a great gift, too."


>_Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 17:16:28 -0400
>Walter Yetnikoff's new label "Velvel" in NYC, and he
>tells me that among their contracts are the rights to the US release of the
>Fire catalog...I asked him about the JBC stuff and he indicated that he
>believed it was part of their deal, but that there were no plans that he knew
>of. It's a pretty new label, and they're just getting rolling, but I'll keep
>nudging him to do what he can to get things moving...JBC-wise.

No news is bad news?

Random thought: I have been listening to a Guided by Voices tape a friend gave me and enjoy the (somewhat) JBC-like "Hey, Hey, Spaceman". NASA should use that to get all those shy aliens attention, then -- since most of us prefer the friendly, ET-like ones to visit Earth -- follow it up with "Come Friendly Spacemen." It would be a lot more inviting than whatever the hell that Discovery(?) probe is broadcasting now. (Some Elvis stuff I think.)

--dbright Received on Wed Jul 30 08:17:12 1997

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