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RE: T-Shirts

From: Michael J. Egli <>
Date: Wed 30 Jul 1997 - 11:25:48 PDT

There have been a great number of JBC shirts. Those that I have/have seen/have heard of:

Big Planet Scarey Planet - Album cover on front (Blank on back?) Cult of the Basement - Cool Black and white design on front with text JBC - Cult of the Basement
Condition Blue - 3 (count em three) shirts - Big blue heart centered (White)

  • Smaller blue heart over heart (White)
  • Blue heart over heart, long sleeve, text on sleeves (Black) I have/had another with big red lettering on the back that said in cool script Jazz Butcher Conspiracy but I can't remember what's on the front. I've seen the shirt Kris describes below too, but only on my friend Tom.

Got my plane ticket to San Francisco, got a place to stay, working on a cheap rental car, tickets to the show are on the agenda... I can't believe it's really going to happen!


We can correct what nature supplies cause beauty is something money buys. -Moxy Fruvous

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From:	Kris A Collis []
Sent:	Wednesday, July 30, 1997 7:34 AM
Subject:	T-Shirts

Speaking of T-shirts, I have an old, tattered JB T-shirt (the one with the giant pig on the back of it and Scandal in Bohemia album cover on the front) and I REALLY want another new one as this one is a bit faded (and stinky) from overuse. Does anybody know where you can get this T-shirt or is it even made still ? Has anybody made their own (silkscreen) ? Are there any more T-shirts that I don't know about ? Received on Wed Jul 30 11:25:48 1997

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