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From: iaa <>
Date: Wed 30 Jul 1997 - 19:11:47 PDT

>I suggest that we take Mr. Fish and company to Drinks after the show. We
>can go to that nasty little martini bar on Haight and have a couple of
>nightcaps, thank Pat for some terrific music and wish him well with
>Sumosonic. Or we could find a nice place and order all the Jagermeister and
>make funny noises. I'm bringing a couple of friends who will add
>immesurably to the atmosphere, (perhaps even Tim Q of TooMuchJoy fame) so it
>is bound to be a terrific time. David W., do you think Pat would be amiable
>to this idea? Even if Pat passes, we fans should have a postmortem. It
>would be good to put faces with posts.

How 'bout a pre-mortem?!? It's always great to meet and hang with fellow Butchians. Perhaps a pre-show drinking and dining experience to warm us up would be in order.

Ticket-wise, I think the Great American Music Hall recognizes my voice, and is quite sick of me asking when tickets go on sale. I can never seem to get anyone with a clue on the phone. The concert lists on their website, but noone there seems to know about it. The earliest I've heard that the tickets might go on sale is six weeks before the show. Anticipation wise, it's worse than Christmas as a kid...

Enjoy. Received on Wed Jul 30 19:11:47 1997

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