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From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Wed 30 Jul 1997 - 21:56:32 PDT

it is great to hear from some of you lurkers. amazingly, there are now 265 subscribers to this mailing list. about 2 dozen have committed to being at the SF show - i imagine we could make quite an annoying constituency.

drinks - pat would probably enjoy at least an en masse raising of the glass. not having ever met max, myself, i don't know what he would think of such a well-connected(ish) group desscending. i hope to speak with butch soon and will see what he thinks about a gathering. even if the duo are too tight time-wise, it is a great idea to get together ourselves - i have only personally met a handful of y'all, and this list has been going now for 8 years. christ.

tshirts - lesse. i don't have the pig (awsome shirt), but i do have:

	90 US tour - front of shirt has the "Excellent!" cover painting
	89 US tour - front has "New Invention" cover on black fabric
	   one of the most attractive damned shirts ever - the only
	   shirt better is the band-only version which is on white.
	   martin stebbing (rev botus whiteblood fleming) taunts me
	   with it whenever i am in chicago, where he now lives.
	92 US tour - burning blue heart short sleeve on white - elegant.
	   i wear it on valentine's day, usually.
	89 US tour - "Big Planet" cover painting.

crusher (philip thain) also traded me a public enemy pin in 1989 for two inlaid Jazz Butcher Conspiracy rectangular pins. brass. i think i won in that trade.

the SF gig - these lingering gigs really make it difficult to keep the website from contradicting itself, ya know?
"They were once" "But they will be playing" sheesh.

i plan to document as much of the trip as possible - multitrack digi audio and some video and photography. i would like to get a quick show of hands here: would you pay $30 US for a limited-burn CD of the show? proceeds past expense, of course, to go to the men. i would LOVE to add a "JBC boutique" to the website and would like to pass some numbers by pat to see what he thinks.

is anyone into this new-fangled DVD thing? willing to help create a multimedia release disc? contact me..

same for the CD query - no use bothering everyone on the list..

does anyone know how to get in contact with the prolific bootlegger
"Adam" in Chicago? his 1986 recording at the metro is fucking amazing,
and i want to get closer to the master. this show warrants a CD.

        pat: "We're in Chicago, and it's terribly EXCITING!"

oh yeah - i've been collecting through email some JBC gig memorabilia - scans of set lists, promo stuff. you may have noticed it sprinkled throughout the gig section of the website.

SEND ME MORE. we all stole set lists, have old tickets, etc. they have a home just waiting on the site. big TIFFs/JPEGs preferred.

and out.

-david Received on Wed Jul 30 21:56:32 1997

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