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SF Show

From: David E. Zembower <>
Date: Thu 31 Jul 1997 - 08:11:21 PDT

I simply am still amazed that Pat and Max will be doing a show here on our side of the big pond. So amazed that the news on the web site prompted me to re-subscribe to the list!

I am certainly planning on attending the show, and I think the idea of the list group (I am curious as to who is still out there, I only recognize a few of the names on recent posts) getting together for drinks before (or after, or both) the show is grand. Any SF-ers out there, keep us posted on when tickets may go on sale. Will they be handled though Bass?

This will only be the second Butcher show for me, the other being a rather disappointing evening at First Avenue in Minneapolis, back in 1992. Pat put together a fine set list, but the sound quality was horrible. Lets hope the sound man from that show has been sacked!

David E. Zembower Received on Thu Jul 31 08:11:21 1997

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