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Re: Followups.

From: Sonia Bovio <>
Date: Thu 31 Jul 1997 - 10:12:53 PDT

>about 2 dozen have committed to being at the SF show - i imagine
>we could make quite an annoying constituency.

I still hope to make it, but can't commit for sure. Oh if only it were on a weekend night!!!

>drinks - pat would probably enjoy at least an en masse raising
>of the glass.

Hopefully he'll be flattered enough by many of us traveling distances to get there to want to offer a personal hello.

>tshirts - lesse. i don't have the pig (awsome shirt), but

I've got a Distressed Gentelfolk one, a Human Jungle on and a Scandel one for sure. I'm in the "unpacking" stage of a move to AZ, so I should re-discover them soon enough.

>for two inlaid Jazz Butcher Conspiracy rectangular pins. brass.

I've got at least one of those, and a few miscellaneous ones too! Oh how I love "things"!

>SEND ME MORE. we all stole set lists, have old tickets, etc.
>they have a home just waiting on the site. big TIFFs/JPEGs preferred.

Ugh. I know I have an old poster somewhere, but that might be tough to scan...

  • Sonia
Received on Thu Jul 31 10:12:53 1997
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