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From: Frangooles, Bob <>
Date: Thu 31 Jul 1997 - 12:54:50 PDT

Hey all, thought I would join the rest of the lurkers that have been coming out of the woodwork on the list. I have been actually busting a gut wanting to share this news with some people who could appreciate the happenings regarding the temporary re-emergence of The Jazz Butcher.

A Little History:

About eight months ago my girlfriend (of 4years) and I decided it was time to get married. After a month of engagement related bliss we started thinking about the event itself. The rather absurd idea of asking The Jazz Butcher to play at the reception was tossed into the ring
(we were actually first introduced at the Condition Blue show in
Seattle, though she doesn't remember....but, that's another story).

So, we did a little research, and thanks to our friendly list master
(cheers David), we

soon had a letter in the post to Pat. Well, a week or so later there was a rambling message on the answering machine from someone with an accent indicating he wasn't from our neck of the woods.... A couple of phone calls later and vavoom! the Jazz Butcher is coming to town. Talking to him at first was a bit like asking someone out on a first date, but once I got past my jitters he turned out to be a very cool guy.

As the event unfolds, and if people are interested, I will post some updates.

We (Anne and Bob) will also be making the trip down to San Francisco after our wedding and would love to get together and toss a few back with some list members, it should be an awesome time. Hopefully one of the list members can organise a time and place...and while on the topic, any recommendations for reasonably priced accomadations in SF? This whole thing is setting us back a bit, so it won't be the Ritz for us this time.

the countdown has begun......

p.s. Anne, I really am way more excited about the Wedding than the Jazz Butcher....HONEST :-)

Bob Frangooles
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