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Too Much Pork...

From: Knight H. Berman, Jr. <>
Date: Thu 31 Jul 1997 - 21:19:17 PDT

        Wow! Busy, busy, busy (that's what we Bokonists say, etc) on this JBC line....I wanted to respond:

        Kris--What an awesome T-shirt (and the Sex/Scandal CD too)! You're my new hero!

        Paul--I've got the Max album on vinyl & cd. Might be persuaded to part with the wax, but since BigTime went under I'm not sure. (Incidentally, the cd is autographed!!) Be in touch with me if you like and I'll be considering it....

        David--Many things: a) Yeah, $30 works for me! You know, any and all documentation of the EVENT is of great importance; b) JBC boutique/museum! I'd love to see this pig t-shirt, and all and any other memoribilia displayed on the site; c) I have a blue "She's a Yo-Yo" yo-yo (I hear they were originally developed as weapons in the Phillipines), and a set list signed by Pat from 11/16/90 show at the Masquerade in Atlanta (he spells Girlfren like Jonathon Richman); d) is there any merchandise holed up in a warehouse somewhere in Northampton's Eastern District that might contain stuff to buy? My ex-boss's wife nearly rips my Condition Blue t-shirt off my back every time I wear it. Would love to get her one...; e) sorry to be so long in praising your photographs. Soon to surf your stuff some more....

        For what it's worth: My 3 JBC T's are the black one with the trumpet (JBC in red and Calvin & Hobbes making an unexpected cameo), the white Cult of the Basement with the heart in the middle, and the aforementioned Condition Blue one (long sleeved, black, big blue watery heart). A friend told me she saw a 12 year old boy exiting the Fox Theatre after a 311 show wearing an Illuminated T-shirt. I want one!

        Yet to find the desirable flight price for the trip to SanFran, but still looking. It seems to be shaping up into a great night! Perhaps we should all wear name tags and fezzes and polyester ties so we can recognize each other there. What do you say? Darling?

        Happy happy joy joy--Knight Received on Thu Jul 31 21:19:17 1997

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