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Re: Too Much Pork...

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Thu 31 Jul 1997 - 22:19:20 PDT

On Aug 1, 12:19am, Knight H. Berman, Jr. wrote:

> David--Many things: a) Yeah, $30 works for me!

for reference - that's about 30 confirmations on the CD, now.. those who offered to help press thanks - so noted. pat expressed concern that, given that they will probably be rusty (ain't '86, ya know), that the show may not be worthy of release. he may have final say in the matter, so keep that in mind.

> You know, any and all
> documentation of the EVENT is of great importance; b) JBC boutique/museum!
> I'd love to see this pig t-shirt, and all and any other memoribilia
> displayed on the site;

shirts, unfortunately, are a bitch to scan. it'd be cool to have pictures of pat/max modelling the various shirts :-)

> c) I have a blue "She's a Yo-Yo" yo-yo (I hear they
> were originally developed as weapons in the Phillipines), and a set list
> signed by Pat from 11/16/90 show at the Masquerade in Atlanta (he spells
> Girlfren like Jonathon Richman);

send scans, knight. a VRML of the yo-yo would be a nice touch..

> d) is there any merchandise holed up in a
> warehouse somewhere in Northampton's Eastern District that might contain
> stuff to buy? My ex-boss's wife nearly rips my Condition Blue t-shirt off my
> back every time I wear it. Would love to get her one...;

as coincidence would have it - i spoke to pat this morning. he has a handful(l) of old t-shirts he wants to get rid of. more than a handfull of old posters as well. he is going to email me with his list and we will see what happens from there. it will probably be an auction/feeding frenzy. pat: "do you think i could get 3 quid for a shirt" david: "are you kidding?" given that they originally sold for $25 or so.

> e) sorry to be so
> long in praising your photographs. Soon to surf your stuff some more....

thanks! hope to be putting some new ones in there soon :-)

> Perhaps we
> should all wear name tags and fezzes and polyester ties so we can recognize
> each other there. What do you say? Darling?

i am all for fezzes!
i will be taking a more solid query of jbc-listers closer to the date to see how many will be there. i have lost count by now of the various "aye"s - close to 3 dozen, i suspect.

drinks - an update: i mentioned to pat that with as many people as there were going to be there it would be a decent to do to have a meet the queen line or something. he agreed. they arrive in SF sunday the 21st. he doesnt want to do it before the show on the 22nd and after shows are always hectic, so he thought the best thing would to be a sunday get-together. this may screw with those who ticketed themselves to be in town on the 22nd. wish we had brought this up sooner, but that is the current casual thinking.

i work in SF, but don't frequent clubs/bars much. who lives in SF and could recommend/help line up a place to meet the band on a sunday evening?

oh yeah - those planning to attend the UK show on the 11th of september. pat wanted me to mention just how SMALL the club is and how likely the show is to sell out. so - call the phone number on the website and order your tickets NOW. plus, it'll save you some dough.

Alan McGee (president of Creation records) spoke with pat recently and was going on incoherently about the Labour Party. the next day, on the TV news, was Alan McGee, who apparently had been put in some position with the government as an advisor on Music and Drugs.

pat said: "but he's MY advisor on Music and Drugs!"

How perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure - C. Crumb
Received on Thu Jul 31 22:19:20 1997
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