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SF Lodgings

From: valerie hilligan <>
Date: Fri 01 Aug 1997 - 15:03:22 PDT

apologies for this mail to those who are not trekking to the san francisco JBC gig.

So i researched hotels a bit, and it was a little spare, but this is what I found. bear in mind that the Great American Music Hall (although a great place) is in a seedy part of town. certainly not dangerous if you have your wits, but seedy never the less.

Phoenix Inn - This is where minor pop stars stay when they come to town. it's in a rough area, but it's a funky, cool little hotel with a restaurant/bar and pool. worth the money according to folks i've asked. about 3 blocks from the venue.
$109/room, $149 king suite. (415)776-1380

Travel Lodge - a step down. your average motel type place, the surroundings are urban and there's no good places to hang out nearby. however, it is only one block from the show.
$80/room (1 queen bed, any occupancy), $105/2-bed room. (415)775-7612

YMCA - men and women, hostel type hotel. communal bathrooms with individual bedrooms. they told me to book ASAP, as they sell out (being the cheapest choice around). think about accommodations backpacking across europe, and you get the idea. about 5 blocks from the gig.
$33/single, $44/double occupancy. (415)885-0460

and David... what area of town were you thinking of for a sunday gathering? in the area i mentioned above there is the cavernous but fun Edinburgh Castle pub, but that's about all i know.

I hope this helps!
-valerie Received on Fri Aug 1 15:03:22 1997

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