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SF Concert Announcement ALERT

From: Walter Alden Tackett <>
Date: Tue 05 Aug 1997 - 18:00:54 PDT

5:49PM PST on Tuesday, August 5, the DJ on KUSF FM Radio (local college station), the DJ announced a show by JB on August 22nd 1997 Great American Music Hall.
I called the station to ask him what his source was, and he says it was called in to their "Concert Calendar," where they routinely receive announcements of upcoming shows from all the local venues.

David, can you confirm or deny?

Anyhow, if you require further info, KUSF has a significant web site at, which includes their concert calendar. FYI, they broadcast on RealAudio, as well, and are quite a fine station (at least from Midnight to 6PM, when they broadcast music).



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