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T-shirts & lodging

From: <>
Date: Wed 06 Aug 1997 - 14:40:28 PDT

I do some amateur silk screening - I can do a black-on-white design in time for the show if anybody has any good suggestions. I could do a photo (e.g. Butch & Max from the back of 'Scandal', photos from the website) - and/or text/drawings.

Let me know if anyone is interested/ has any ideas.

Also - a great place to stay in SF is called 'Brady Acres' - a European-style (but you get your own bathroom) inn about 6 blocks from the venue. It's in a safe, semi-touristy neighborhood (Nob Hill) - with the occasional hooker spotting. Every room has tv, tape player, microwave, fridge, toaster & coffee maker, free local phone calls & answering machine - I don't remember what else - but it's clean & safe - rooms go for $50-$90 and the staff are good people. When I called for a reservation, the guy who answered the phone knew who the Jazz Butcher was, which scores bonus points for him. (Actually, I've never stayed ther before, but I did go into the lobby on my last visit to SF & I have a brochure with color pictures)

The number is 1-800-627-2396 (6-BRADY-6) - It's at 649 Jones St. (between Post & Geary). Received on Wed Aug 6 14:40:28 1997

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