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Cheap airfare, now need ticket!

From: David E. Zembower <>
Date: Thu 07 Aug 1997 - 07:31:16 PDT

Ticket money.....What could possibly go wrong?

Well, I found the long-sought after cheap airfare ($209 round trip from Chicago, ATA airlines, you're on vacation!), so now the only thing that could go wrong is I don't get a show ticket (but I have ticket money!) :)

Does anyone happen to have the 800 number for BASS? I seem to have lost it, and don't really want to burn up a bunch of cash calling and re-calling their toll number. Thanks!

P.S. Any chance Butch may travel through Chicago this go-round? He could be kind and save me a load of money!

David E. Zembower Received on Thu Aug 7 07:31:16 1997

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