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Date: Fri 08 Aug 1997 - 02:19:22 PDT

        Congradulations Bob and Anne!
        Suggestions for songs: what's the name of that Jerry Lee Lewis song? 
Is it Ohh baby that's what I like? Imagine Pat doing the speaking part, where Jerry is talking to his baby... I thought it might get a laugh.
        When the word hit the site about this gig I was out of the running. 
I mean, the cheapest flights from Austin were $359 and up- and student life, etc. Somehow though, the good lord deemed that SouthWest should lower Austin flight prices for three days. So, it looks like I will be able to pull this off after all. So word to your mother, South West airlines is going to have low faires for three days... $99 one way, basically, its $200.

        Hey, I like the idea of having a sunday meeting. I have met Pat on three occasions. The first time out, during the basement tour, I stumbled up to him and babbled, and babbled and he just kept smiling. I do remember that I asked him to play Suzie and he did (as well as 10 other requests). During the other shows, I wasn't as lucky. And Pat was always being pulled around to meet various people. Of course, I always managed a word, but now I'm known as Ben, Brian, etc. That's Austin... can you imagine trying to get a word in on this gig? Anyway let us know when and where.

        ALSO, I would like to put a vote out on buying David a beer for making this list work and happen. Mabey we could blend in the two events? Received on Fri Aug 8 02:19:22 1997

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