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Re: JBC & The Tick

From: Greg Dykema <>
Date: Thu 14 Aug 1997 - 12:17:19 PDT

>From: "Michael J. Egli" <>
>Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 13:52:26 -0400

>More on topic, I've seen the Butcher live 4 or 5 times and there a number
>of songs that I'd love to see him do live but never have. I'm wondering if
>he does them live at all, as examples, Sex Enging Thing, Gloop Jiving Jazz
>Butcher Theme, Mind Like a Playgroup, and Love Kittens.

I saw him do "Sex Engine" in Detroit about 12 years ago. He updated and Americanized it a bit (Pat: "George Bush!" Audience shouts back: "Sex Engine!"). The best impromptu rendition was in San Jose in '92 when the tiny audience begged him to do "Hungarian Love Song" and we got a couple of solo verses!

greg Received on Thu Aug 14 12:17:19 1997

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