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The New World & other great things

From: Michael J. Egli <>
Date: Mon 18 Aug 1997 - 12:23:09 PDT

I can't believe there's someone ( out there that doesn't like The New World. It's such a great song. I was lucky enough to see David J on tour with Max and Max did sing The New World. Oh happy day. I spent my weekend record shopping and driving around in my car listening to Scandal in Bohemia, Bath of Bacon, and Gift of Music Volume I. I actually found Bloody Nonsense on vinyl, the clerk at the store commented that I must have decided to buy it since I was wearing the shirt (actually it was a Condition Blue shirt but I let it slide). In case anyone cares I also got 4 Big Country Singles that I had never seen before... yahoo.

Other great things include the facts that: A. I only have one more day of work this week! Golf vacation is about 34 hours away!
B. My company may actually pick up part of the tab for my trip to San Francisco as they may need me to swing through LA to check in with our warehouse! Wigged out, eh?

Does anyone have the 7" that came with Gift of Music - the one with Speedy Gonzales, Knocking on Heaven's Door, May I, and something else, is it Over You??? I think. My tape of it is pretty much dead and my friends vinyl is warped to a point of unplayability (drat that afternoon sun). I would love to get it on a good quality tape and do have some stuff I'm willing to trade for it. Anyone willing to trade ... e-mail me at

Final note in this bizarre stream of consciousness e-mail - Has anyone besides my cousin Dave on this list discovered Moxy Fruvous. A group of Canadians that write great songs. They write some silly songs much like early Butcher but also some very pointed political commentaries and deserve a listen. You could do far worse with $12 to $15 dollars than buy their first album - Bargainville. You Will Go To The Moon is pretty good too but I'd start with Bargainville.

Mike Egli Received on Mon Aug 18 12:23:09 1997

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