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hamburg, gift of music, bloody nonsense

From: Lito Vales & Nerissa Dominguez <>
Date: Mon 18 Aug 1997 - 18:41:03 PDT


Just wanted to let people know that I have extra copies (on vinyl) of
"Gift Of Music vol.1," "Bloody Nonsense," & "Hamburg." If anybody's
interested, I'm up for trade or sell. I'm particularily looking for JBC singles, rarities, videos, or live shows...



PS: does anybody have the Santa Monica, Ca show at the Congo Bar(?) recorded? Didn't he sing "Outdoor Miner" there?

"I put my heart in a wooden case with locks & chains all around its place.
On my way to surgery, I'm as happy as a boy can be."-THE MONOCHROME SET Received on Mon Aug 18 18:41:03 1997

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