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From: valerie hilligan <>
Date: Fri 22 Aug 1997 - 09:18:22 PDT

okay, i was at the great american music hall last night seeing echo and the bunnymen, and me and my fellow asked about jazz butcher tickets. they said "yeah, they're on sale". so we pulled out our money and said "two please!!" so the nice lady starts sorting through her ticket catalogue and stops and says: "oops, they go on sale *tomorrow*"

meaning TODAY! 8/22/97!

i don't know if they have them up on ticketweb yet, but you can use a credit card for fax orders: 415-885-5075... i believe it's a one dollar service charge per ticket. box office opens at noon. yay!!
(i hope i still have room on my credit card...) Received on Fri Aug 22 09:18:22 1997

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