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Not about the show

From: <>
Date: Fri 22 Aug 1997 - 11:21:51 PDT

Pardon me for not writing an e-mail about the upcoming SF show, but since I won't be able to be there, I don't have much to say.

On other weird notes... I got my new roommate (who is the new boyfriend of my ex-girlfriend who is living with my new would be girlfriend) into JBC by a sort of roundabout way. We were basically trying to decorate the new apartment and having a nicely placed but ugly interior door facing the street we decided we needed a rotating dose of surreality. So the final decision was I would post a new JBC quote every week. Things like, "he knows what he's after; he's a tank driving man".

Anyway, Peter (my roommate) began to question the origins of these statements. So, much to the woe of the outside world, I showed him. Now I'm having trouble keeping track of the flow of my Butcher collection as albums keep disappearing and reappearing at seemingly random paces.

Just a thought on spreading the goodness, and until someone with a name like Patrick Fish, is bigger than Jesus, I'm signing off.

Bonkers In Phoenix,
AMSedivy Received on Fri Aug 22 11:21:51 1997

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