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Distressed Gentlefolk LPs to part with

From: Patrick J. Enders <>
Date: Mon 25 Aug 1997 - 17:49:18 PDT

(I'm having some computer difficulties, so forgive me if I've already sent this out before.)

        It's been an up and down Jazz Butcher week for me. The sad reality that I can't make it to San Francisco finally sank in, but I also discovered my new roommate has (had) a Bath of Bacon LP he wasn't fond of. Lito Vales was nice to me, too.

        To mourn the former and celebrate the middle and latter, I've decided to part with the couple (2) extra LPs of Distressed Gentlefolk I've picked up recently. Anybody want 'em?

        I've also got Fishcotheque, Big Planet, and Cult of the Basement LPs I could swap if there are any vinyl-philes out there.

Patrick Received on Mon Aug 25 17:49:18 1997

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