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From: Greg Bair <>
Date: Fri 29 Aug 1997 - 08:41:07 PDT

> >
> > Does anyone know the the SDP as in Soul Happy Hour is/was?
> >
> I have been curious about this myself. Also, anyone know who/what Quinn and
> Collins are/is?

Okay. As long as folks are asking, Iwill reveal my absolute ignorance. The major question I have always had is this: who is "Southern Mark Smith?" You probably all know, but I'm clueless. Someone please enlighten me.

Greg Bair

"I'm afraid that I cannot but fail to
 disagree with you even less yet! (Either  that or I mean the opposite of what I just  said.)"

       -Raymond Smullyan, 
        "The Tao is Silent"
Received on Fri Aug 29 08:41:07 1997
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