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From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Sat 30 Aug 1997 - 01:15:29 PDT

>Okay. As long as folks are asking, Iwill reveal my absolute
>ignorance. The major question I have always had is this: who is
>"Southern Mark Smith?" You probably all know, but I'm clueless.
>Someone please enlighten me.
>Greg Bair

Southern Mark Smith refers is Mark E. Smith from the Fall, out of Manchester, and still around today after at least 15 years. Pat is supposedly a fan and the song is not at all intended to be derogatory.

SDP is the political party in Britain.

Is the San Fran. show sold out? I'm still hoping to go but won't know til the last minute if I'll be able to make it. Anyone know? Received on Sat Aug 30 01:15:29 1997

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