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Draining the Glass?

From: Zembower <>
Date: Sat 30 Aug 1997 - 07:28:58 PDT

In message <> writes:

> Mr. Fish himself has taken the trouble to compile Draining the Glass, w=
> hich is a brave retrospect culled from his five year span with the UK's =
> Glass Records, a relationship that gave us five full-length albums includ=
> ing the masterpiece Bloody Nonsense, itself a compilation, from which we =
> get about half of Draining's twenty tracks. Some of this stuff has never=
> been available in the compact disc format, or at best is impossible to f=
> ind, and it's something like religion to hear the brilliant capriciousnes=
> s of 'Southern Mark Smith' and 'Just Like Betty Page' in digital clarity =
> (from the analog, of course) for the first time.

What??? Where is this disc? I have never seen it, but would very much enjoy finding a copy. Is this available in the US, or intended only for the lucky ones in the UK? Also, is this disc put out by Glass, Creation, etc?? Received on Sat Aug 30 07:28:58 1997

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