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Just a question...

From: Jennifer Comeau <>
Date: Tue 02 Sep 1997 - 15:18:15 PDT

  Hi everyone,

    I have a brief question and I thought that someone might know the answer.

     I was going through my CD's the other day, and I couldn't help but notice that as part of the insert art for the Lowest of the Low cd "Hallucagenia", there is what appears to be a picture of a Jazz Butcher backstage pass with the cover heart from "Condition Blue" .

     I was hoping that a JBC fan from Toronto might know if the Lowest of the Low ever opened for/had affiliations with the JBC. Obviously, I was very excited to think that my two favorite bands (that have both disbanded) could have possibly played the same show, and if there were any bootlegs of such a show floating around, I would certainly want a copy.

       If any of you have *any* info, please please let me know.

                     Thanks!    See you in San Francisco,

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Received on Tue Sep 2 15:18:15 1997
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