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San Francisco, Fishcotheque, etc.

From: Nora K. Horsfall <>
Date: Tue 02 Sep 1997 - 16:14:57 PDT

I have cunningly timed my first visit to see my family since I moved to England to coincide with the Pat/Max show. My mother has gotten tickets for my husband and me, and we will certainly be there. Has anyone made any firm plans yet for a get-together on Sunday? I'd like to be there, but so far I've only seen speculation and suggestions.

I also desperately want to go to the September 11 show in London, but since I failed the (obnoxiously anal-retentive and astronomically expensive) UK driving test, it is looking unlikely. And I'd planned to have the day off work for the show and everything!

And last, I was wondering if anyone is willing to help me out in obtaining Fishcotheque (preferably) on vinyl, or even a taped copy. When I moved to England I had to entrust everything I had to the US Mail/Royal Mail. I ended up losing a LOT of stuff and Fishcotheque is just one of the things I still haven't ben able to replace, more than a year later. If anyone is willing to lend a hand please reply to me. I'm afraid I haven't got much of interest in the trades department, unfortunately.

Nora K. Horsfall
Received on Tue Sep 2 16:14:57 1997
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