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Re: the show!

From: Arik Florimonte <frendli_at_maxwell.UCSC.EDU>
Date: Tue 02 Sep 1997 - 23:46:14 PDT

At 04:02 PM 9/2/97 -0700, valerie hilligan wrote:
>i don't believe the San Francisco show is sold out, as it hasn't even been
>publicised in the local papers yet.

Is the show really sold out?!! Cripes, I only found out last week I'd be in the area, and haven't gotten off my ass to call yet. Guess I'm SOL.

Anyone with definiite information, please let me know if the show is in fact sold out. Thanks!

-Arik Received on Tue Sep 2 23:46:14 1997

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