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Re: the show!

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Wed 03 Sep 1997 - 01:00:58 PDT

> > valerie hilligan wrote:

(in a manner which caused me to panic as well)

> >i don't believe the San Francisco show is sold out, as it hasn't even been
> >publicised in the local papers yet.

as in "i couldn't believe" or "i don't think"

> Is the show really sold out?!! Cripes, I only found out last week I'd be in
> the area, and haven't gotten off my ass to call yet. Guess I'm SOL.

ths show is NOT sold out (as of this writing). as i said, i panic'd and bought mine today.

out of towners should probably get 'em early, though.

> Anyone with definiite information, please let me know if the show is in fact
> sold out. Thanks!

Kevin Haskins (JB (pre-C) drummer, early 80's) will be coming up from LA to see the show.. i also understand that David J is on tour in the US right now..

one of those "wouldn't it be nice".

but it'll never happen.

and if it did, it would probably sound just like 4 guys who hadn't played together in 10 years.


it is time to get the official count of who's going to be in SF.

please send me email to if you are:

  1. going to attend the day-before drink/get together at 8pm on Sunday, the 21st at an as-yet-to-be-determined San Francisco drink/eatery. this will be a chance to put faces to names and to fawn over the dynamic duo.
  2. going to be at the Great American Music Hall at 8pm on Monday, the 22nd for the gig (doors at 7)

this is really going to get hectic as the date draws near, so please get your RSVP in this week if you can.

apologies to those who are sick of hearing this shit.

How perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure - C. Crumb
Received on Wed Sep 3 01:00:58 1997
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