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From: Bill Pearis <>
Date: Wed 03 Sep 1997 - 08:25:00 PDT

Hank Tomczak wrote:

> As Mark E. Smith hails from Manchester, hence a "Northerner", Gerad is
> egged on to act like a "Southern Mark Smith". According to what I've
> heard, The Fall shot back (also good-naturedly) with the song "Pat-Trip
> Dispenser". (JB providing a certain substance ?) It contains the line
> "McGintey thought he could fool the Fall" - I believe in reference to
> sometimes JBC bassist Rolo McGintey.
> (ps. Saw Rolo's Woodentops put on a killer show at New York's Bottom Line
> sometime in 1985/86 ??? Anyone ever seen them ?)

I saw them on the Giant tour in Pittsburgh. Only the feelies matched the speed at which they played. They were also the first band I'd ever seen with a stand-up drummer. I love Giant. One of my favorite albums of all time. 86 was a great year fom music.

Another JBC/Fall connection is that they have both used Pascal Legras artwork for their covers.

I am sooooo jealous of all of you who are going to the San Fran show. I live in New York and am about to endure the hell that is CMJ. Lots of good shows though -- Babybird, Belle & Sebastian, Wannadies, Cornershop, Snowpony (Deb from MBV) and others.

Another band playing is The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group. Has anyone else on the list heard these guys? Jim is a big, big JBC fan and it shows in his/their music that lies somewhere between Max-period JBC and the first Everything But The Girl Lp. They have one album that I know of , Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, and I highly reccomend it. If any of you live in NYC go see them on Friday at The Mercury Lounge. They are playing relatively early -- like 7:45 or something. Go see them. Received on Wed Sep 3 08:25:00 1997

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