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From: Eb <>
Date: Wed 03 Sep 1997 - 14:45:47 PDT

>I saw them on the Giant tour in Pittsburgh. Only the feelies matched the
>speed at which they played. They were also the first band I'd ever seen
>with a stand-up drummer. I love Giant. One of my favorite albums of
>all time. 86 was a great year fom music.

When/why did the Woodentops officially break up, anyway? I kept waiting to see if they would release another album, and I just never heard a thing about the group again. They just vanished from view.

>Another band playing is The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group. Has anyone else on
>the list heard these guys? Jim is a big, big JBC fan and it shows in
>his/their music that lies somewhere between Max-period JBC and the first
>Everything But The Girl Lp.

I heard that album -- I dunno, it just seemed like more of that campy, self-aware lounge thing. I was indifferent.

Eb Received on Wed Sep 3 14:45:47 1997

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