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The Woodentops

From: Michael H Whitworth <>
Date: Thu 04 Sep 1997 - 04:11:31 PDT

I heard from a man in Our Price in Oxford, four or five years ago, that Rolo had returned from Japan, that he had a whole album of new material recorded, and a that the record company had pulled out of the deal at the last minute. But since then I've seen nothing.

Live Hypno Beat Live is one of the few live albums by any band that gives some sense of their sheer energy on stage. I saw them at the Oxford Poly around 1988. Fabulous.

Alice Thompson (their keyboardist and an early JBC contributor) has a novel out, 'Justine', but I've not had a chance to read it yet. The first edition is a true book-fetishist's love-object, with pages uncut and the text printed on the unreadable side. The Virago edition is far more sensible.

Who's going to the London gig? I hope to be there.

Happy Butchery,

Michael Received on Thu Sep 4 04:11:31 1997

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