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From: Daniel Albright <>
Date: Thu 04 Sep 1997 - 07:06:18 PDT

>Another band playing is The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group. Has anyone else on
>the list heard these guys? Jim is a big, big JBC fan and it shows in
>his/their music that lies somewhere between Max-period JBC and the first
>Everything But The Girl Lp. They have one album that I know of , Oh
>Brother Where Art Thou?, and I highly reccomend it. If any of you live
>in NYC go see them on Friday at The Mercury Lounge.

There has been a good amount of buzz over this group in the Minneapolis area since they came out of here. Especially before our only good FM station changed to metal and we became the Land of 10,000 Suck-ass radio stations. Local critics certainly appreciate them, but I'm not sure how large of following they have. Jim Ruiz and his wife front the band with additional talented players backing. I believe they only have the one album. Good to know they are JBC fans, I plan to see them when they make it back to the Midwest. Received on Thu Sep 4 07:06:18 1997

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