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Re: (long) Testimonial

From: Thomas Frazer <>
Date: Tue 09 Sep 1997 - 22:14:55 PDT

Dear Douglas and our friends in Pat:
Thanks for relating your conversion to the Church of JBC (has a nice mormon kinda ring, don't you agree?) A fine story that I enjoyed. I've assembled my guest list and bought the tickets. It will be a fine evening to meet all of you and hoist a couple with some really nice folks. Sonia, Dave E, David, the drag racing guy from Bakerfield...this will be a fine evening.

I do have one request: despite the fact that I helped get the ball rolling for the meet pat and max evening, I will be enjoying Idaho (no laughing!) until Monday afternoon. Could someone please ask Pat something that has been eating away at me...what caused the Bakersfield song? It's so wonderfully odd to think of Pat singing the praises of the drag strip in Bakersfield...I would be much obliged if someone could field this question to the chief sumo.

enough rambling. It will be good to see some of you and to hear our common bond one last time.

Off to put out Basil the Poodle,

Tom Frazer

(I get to pour my bro-in-law jay onto an airplane to Bali after the show at 1am so if you see a fine looking lad fishing for a Marlboro, buy him a big drink. There's no more memorable way to travel than achey-wakey), Received on Tue Sep 9 22:14:55 1997

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