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Pre-gig meeting - stats

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Fri 12 Sep 1997 - 13:37:25 PDT

on Sunday the 21st of september - the day before the Pat/Max show in San Francisco, there will be a gathering for those wishing to meet with the band and each other.

where: Twenty Tank Brewery

       316 11th St San Francisco, CA 94103-4314
       (415) 255-9455

when: Sunday, 21 Sep 1997, 6pm-ish until ?

the space is reserved for 40 people (over 30 have already confirmed with me) and occupies part of the upper area in this eatery/brewery. if you know where the venue "Slim's" is - the 20 tank is *right* across the street. there is a paid parking lot within 2 blocks if street parking is tight.

the space is reserved under the "JBC" name.

a map may be found here:

thanks to everyone who added their suggestions for this event.

looking forward to meeting up with some of you! note - i will be mostly unreachable the 13th through the 21st.

if there are any emergency change of plans, they will be posted to the JBC website:

-david Received on Fri Sep 12 13:37:25 1997

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