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From: Zembower <>
Date: Sat 13 Sep 1997 - 12:36:35 PDT

I am sitting here, typing this message, with the sweet, seductive sound of Partytime drifting through my house, in crisp, clean digital magic! This all thanks to Draining the Glass, which I received today from CDnow. Finally, a clear version of some of my favorite early JBC tracks to replace the devolving fuzzy tape a wonderful list member made for me four years ago, which is much worse for the wear. My only gripe is that this disk does not contain Soul Happy Hour!

The downside to receiving this disk today is the realization that I will not be able to make the SF show, though I had previously planned on it. Just can't afford the $400 or so it would cost with plane fare, hotel, ground transport, food, etc. The real biter is that my wife is out in SF right now, and here I sit in Chicago. If only the show were *this* monday, I could have winged the trip! Damn fortune!!

My endless jealous congratulations to those of you making the trek. Please, someone record this event! Received on Sat Sep 13 12:36:35 1997

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