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Re: 12 Bar Club

From: Derek Martin <>
Date: Fri 19 Sep 1997 - 10:57:59 PDT

Just got back from my European trip, which included the 12 Bar show, my first JB concert. Thouroughly enjoyed it. Bath of Bacon & Scandal in Bohemia predate my collection, so a good chunk of the material was new to me, but a lot of fun. Max has a kind of interesting expression when he plays, sort of an amused 'I knew that was going to happen' look. And I agree with the Dorian Grey comment previously posted.

Incredibly small room - I've never seen a set list taped to the front of the balcony before! We were close enough to the stage that when Pat introduced a song about 'small household pets' and I said to my non-JB familiar girlfriend, 'Domestic Animal', Pat looked up and said 'not that one'.

Snared Pat for a few seconds after the encore and gave him a couple of Fishirts I'd brought - T-shirts a friend of mine makes, one of a kind prints using real (not live) fish, which he graciously accepted.

I love seeing music in London. Also caught John Otway at the Weavers just before we left - hadn't seen him since '84, but he's as good as ever, and has really developed as a comedian - the talk side of his show is very good without being too polished. Believe my friend was actually much more taken with John than with the Butcher. Am now the proud owner of the Really Free 20th anniversary of the hit t-shirt.

Looking forward to the news from the front after the S.F. show.

Derek Martin Received on Fri Sep 19 10:57:59 1997

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