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Pat/Max -v- Bob/Anne

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Sat 20 Sep 1997 - 23:59:26 PDT

for the record, it takes 10 hours, 20 minutes to drive from Seattle, WA to Davis, CA if you drive really fast.

most of you should know already that Pat and Max's original reason to be in the area was to play at jbc-list subscriber Bob Frangooles's wedding. this occurred last night. on a boat. docked in Seattle.

the weather for the first time all week was clear and it was beautiful.

The line-up was Pat&Max&Greg&Joe (think you should get out there and stop it..) Greg and Joe are 2 Seattle guys picked up just for this event - they will not be playing the SF show on monday.

there were 2 practice sessions before the wedding, which were almost enough. just the fact that they were playing to a room of someone's relatives added a grin-leaving element to it - and a great time was had by all. imagine a large grey-haired aunt trying to dance to Caroline Wheeler and you get the gist. and this is what they played:

Who Loves You Know
What's The Matter Boy
Mr Odd
Take The Skinheads Bowling
Bigfoot Motel
Pineapple Tuesday
Real Men
Girls Who Keep Goldfish
Sweet Jane (fucking amazing, it was)
Human Jungle
Basement Theme
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Soul Happy Hour
Southern Mark Smith
Zombie Love
Take The Skinheads Bowling (encore)

(all recorded in glorious 8-track digital :-)

All is a go for the sunday thing.
They will magically appear at 6pm for about 2 hours before other arrangements require their departure. in attendance will be well over 40 jbc-list subscribers, kevin haskins (ex-drummer) other luminaries possible.

Twenty Tank Brewery, San Francisco.
look it up at - my brain is bried.

-david Received on Sat Sep 20 23:59:26 1997

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